Little Luise may be the perfect kind of baby.She weighs three kilograms, wears a light blue plaid skirt, the body exudes milk fragrance, lies quietly.Her eyebrows were frowned slightly and eyes  were closed, the light brown lashes casts a little shadow.A mole of tears hung on the edge of the shadow, as if to fall out with her breath.The tip of the nose were turned slightly red, like a clenched fist which is looking a little stubborn;The golden and brown strands fell from the top of the head, and hung deep and shallow in the ears, softer than the blue flowers in the headbands.

Little Luise is not a real Baby, she is  Abby's latest creation -- a doll so lifelike that it has been dubbed a Reborn Baby for giving the mold a second life through the hands of an artist.To be more specific, baby-lovers refer to a baby like Little Luise, who doesn't open her eyes, as a "sleeping baby."Its head, torso and limbs are made of hollow silicone and filled with cotton.Hair is made of tied mohair or shredded milk.Baby spots, red spots, blue veins or blood filaments on the skin surface are repeatedly painted and baked, with up to 15 to 30 layers of dye.


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